Ajino Yado 'Michishio'

1522-12 Ousatsu Chou Toba City Mie Prefecture
TEL : 0599-33-6518
FAX : 0599-33-7107
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Events have been announced that will be canceled in 2020 due to the influence of COVID-19.
Please check the link for each event.

30th of every month Pearl Wedding


Early Okage Yokocho New Year’s Kyodo Geino
5th Osatsu Lion Dance Shinto Ritual


Early Ishigami San Women’s Marathon
Early Okage Yokocho Setsubun
Early – Early of March Ohinasama Meguri in Futami


Early Okage Yokocho Hina Matsuri


1st Jingu Hounou Oosumo
Early Okage Yokocho Isuzu River Cherry Blossom Festival
21st Shima Road Party
late Ise Shrine Spring Kagura Festival


Early Okage Yokocho Tango No Sekku
Undecided Meoto Iwa Oo Shimenwa Shrine Ritual
7th Ishigami San Spring Festival
Mid Okage Yokocho Kaze No Ichi
23th 24th  10th Ise Shima Two day Walk


1st Satruday Hamajima Ise Ebi Festival
Early Okage Yokocho Summer Machi Festival (Natsu Machi Matsuri)
24th Izawanomiya Rice Planting Festival


1st Chidorigahama Beach Open
4th 5th Ise Shima Triathlon
Early Okage Yokocho Tanabata Festival
9th Ama Carnival Shirongo Festival
14th Osatsu Whale Festival
Mid Ise Shrine Dedication National Fireworks Convention
Mid – Late Toba Harbor Festival Fireworks Convention


Mid Okage Yokocho Ise Takumi Exhibition


13th 15th Waraji Festival
Late Okage Yokocho Lucky Cat (Manekineko) Festival


About 8th The Toba Day
Mid Kanname Houshukusai
Okage Yokocho Megumi No Ichi
22th Pearl Festival


10th 11th Shinon Kansha Nihon Taiko Matsuri
23rd Niinamesai


5th 6th Oisesan Marathon
2nd Ise Shima Cycling Festival
Mid Okage Yokocho Sai No Ichi
Mid Meotoiwa OoShimenawa Hari Shinji
22nd Winter Solstice (Toji) Festival

If you want to enjoy nature experience, pearl picking experience, pottery, strawberry picking and so on at Ise Shima, please refer here.
Shima Nature SchoolKaito Yumin Club
Pottery: Ise pottery experience workshop Pearl Picking: Shinju No Sato / Kikuchi Pearl
Kamaboko Handmade experience: Wakamatsuya
Strawberry Picking: Gokatsuraike Furusato Mura (Village)Tamaki Fureai Nouen (Garden) / Happy Nouen (Garden)Ichigoya (Strawberry Shop) Kurobee
Bread And Sausage Handmade Experience Furusato Aji Kobo Aguri / Iga No Sato Mokumoku Tezukuri Farm
Schedule will be changed.
Please check before coming.
Event information is referred to Toba City Sightseeing Site / Ise Tourist InformationShima Chity Tourism Association /
Ise Shrine / Okage Yokocho / Ise Shima Tourism & Convention Organization website.

July 14th is the Whale Festival

July 14th is the Whale Festival
Date: July 14th
Location: around the Osatsu port
This festival started because whale strayed to Ise for the first time in 26 years. We will pray for the safety of the sea by returning a 10m long whale mikochi to the sea. Elementary school drum flutes, junior high school students, women’s associations, and whale shrines are going from small to big. It is a lively festival which everyone dances and talks to each other. Also fireworks are started in the evening.
* Inquiry: 0599-34-6411 Tosa City Osatsu