Ajino Yado 'Michishio'

1522-12 Ousatsu Chou Toba City Mie Prefecture
TEL : 0599-33-6518
FAX : 0599-33-7107
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Shinmei Shrine (Ishigami San)

Ishigami San

The enshrined deity is ‘Tamayorihimenomikoto’ who is Emperor Jinmu’s mother.
The local Ama have been secretly visiting since ancient times.

Ishigami San charm and strap

A handmade charm written in linen cloth that looked like a maiden’s dress with Tyrian purple letters. And a strap with pearls of Akoya shells.
The amulet of “Dorman Saman” is written, which is a magical charm that the princess wears.

Shinmei Shrine, Ishigami San love fortune

This is a unique and lovely fortune which the princess of the Tale of Genji (Genji Monogatari) tells the message from Ishigami san.

Every year 5/7 is Shinmei Shrine, Ishigami Spring Festival

On 7th of May, “Isohimachi”which is called the seawoman’s sabbath, we wishes for good catch of fish and realization of a great ambition, and men will welcome women with mens’ cuisine.

The way to access to Shinmei Shrine

By train: From Kintetsu / JR Toba Station, take the Kamome Bus bound for Kunizaki for about 40 minutes and get off at “Osatsu” 5 minutes on foot.
By car: No. 2 Ise Road, 15 minutes from Toba Minami / Shiraki IC via No. 47.
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About 1 km from the inn to Shinmei Shrine / Ishigami San.