Ajino Yado 'Michishio'

1522-12 Ousatsu Chou Toba City Mie Prefecture
TEL : 0599-33-6518
FAX : 0599-33-7107
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Celebrations / Anniversaries

* We will prepare a free ‘celebration set (hat, chanchanko, zabuton(cushion))’ for your preferred accommodation plan.
* Please apply for 5 adults or more.
* For customers who apply for more than 10 adults, we will offer a free ‘salted salmon roast’.

Chanchanko color
* Koki 70 years old, purple
* Kiju 77 years old, purple
* Beiju 88 years old, yellow

If you would like a celebration set, please feel free to contact us.
TEL : 0599-33-6518

Paid Services (Excluding Consumption Tax)

We will prepare “bouquets” as gifts for important people’s anniversaries.
Please choose from 3,000 yen and 5,000 yen bouquets
(Reservation required 3 days in advance)
* The photo is an image.

Gorgeous cake for celebration, birthday or anniversary?
(Reservation required 3 days in advance)
* The photo is an image.
12cm … 2,500 yen
15cm … 3,500 yen
18cm … 4,200 yen
21cm … 5,800 yen
* Name is not included in the plate.

Looking at the sea of Toba.
Please feel relieved.
You can choose from Japanese or Western style.
Private bath, 40 minutes each
2,000 yen

For women.
30 kinds of yukata are available.
Color yukata rental 1,000 yen
If you can not wear by yourself, we will help you.

Free Services

Free Services
[Chanchanko] Red, purple and yellow are available.
[Iron dryer] Rental at the front desk (first 3 only)
[Trump / UNO / Mini Game for Kids] Rental at the front desk (first 3 only)
[Baby goods] Pot for milk, Bumbo, baby chair, baby futon, baby shampoo, etc.
[Fireworks buckets] We lend out buckets for fireworks on the beach.
[For non-smoking] Since there are no non-smoking rooms, deodorant spray is available.

My name is landlady ‘Umemoto’.
Thank you for visiting the Michishio website.
This hotel is located in Toba City, Mie Prefecture, and is an inn that cherishes the unique warmth of seafood, fishermen and Ama.
I would like to convey the warmth of the countryside, keeping in mind the customer service. We look forward to welcoming you.

This is the hotel’s character Amamichi.
Nice to meet you!