Ajino Yado 'Michishio'

1522-12 Ousatsu Chou Toba City Mie Prefecture
TEL : 0599-33-6518
FAX : 0599-33-7107
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Sea side Japanese style room (10-12 tatami mats type)

Overlook the sea of Ise Shima and relax in Japanese style room on the sea side.

20 tatami mats type

Even group (10 people) can relax together.

Mountain side Japanese style room (14 tatami mats type)

6-14 tatami mats with toilet

You can see the swimming pool and popular beach of Ise Shima from the sea side room.

Room facilities
Toothbrush, bath towel, towel, tea cake set, pot, refrigerator, telephone, air-conditioning, toilet, bath (sea side Japanese-style room), TV, safety box, hair dryer, Humidifying air purifier, yukata (It is placed in the lobby. Please bring your favorite size.)